Code Compliant

The FIT PIT® System’s components can be adapted to meet most local elevator and building codes.

Relieve Water Pressure

Harmful water penetration is caused by hydrostatic pressure pushing up against the pit floor and/or walls.

Superior to Sealant

A sealant is only a temporary fix and leaving damaging water sealed in the walls.

Protect Valuable Components

Water in the pit is actively damaging the elevator components, causing rust and corrosion.

About the FIT PIT® System

The patented FIT PIT® System is a revolutionary water abatement system developed to remove standing water and prevent additional water infiltration into an elevator/escalator pit enclosure. By utilizing CentAir Core™ technology, this system places all state-of-the-art mechanical and electrical components outside of the elevator hoistway and mechanical room.

The FIT PIT® System’s innovative design constantly monitors for water intrusion and removes the water from beneath the pit floor to an external discharge location. This system eliminates costly repairs due to water damage and facilitates a safer building and working environment. The FIT PIT® System’s components can be adapted to meet local elevator and building codes, even the most recent and stringent ones.

Code Compliant

Meets elevator and building codes

Ease of Access

Easy access to key components

Green Smart Pit™

Patent-pending oil collection technology

Operation Systems

Convenient external location

EPM Warning system

Water levels monitored and reported

Backup Power

Includes a stand-by generator

Monitor and Discharge

The FIT PIT® SYSTEM utilizes CentAir Core™ technology which allows all the state-of-the-art operating mechanicals of the system to be located outside the pit. This system also offers the versatility of upgrades to meet local code requirements. From an existing or installed collection site within the elevator or escalator pit the FIT PIT® SYSTEM’s control assembly constantly monitors the water levels from within the collection site and removes it to a discharge location.

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